Permission to Quit

Quitters are misunderstood. It’s not hard to see why when the masses throw quotations such as

“Age wrinkles the body; quitting wrinkles the soul.”

― Douglas MacArthur


“The word ‘quit’ is only for those who aren’t hungry enough for a successful life.”

― Edmond Mbiaka

around like chimpanzees throwing their feces. Nobody knows you like you. Those who think they do are arrogant and blind. Rely on others for advice and wisdom, but learn to separate their needs from yours.

Experience, trust, and observation are muscles that grow with time. If your current approach is not working, change it, leave it, or find a new one. Food left in a hot pan burns and dries out. Tea and coffee when left in water become bitter and useless.

Do not force yourself to eat the charr or drink the bitter cup when you can create something new and healthy. Do not quit because it’s hard, frustrating, or otherwise taxing. All good things come with struggle.

Quit because you’re confident. Quit to be effective. Quit to be strong, to progress, and to be efficient. Quit to love.

Quit to live; there is no wisdom in finishing if you die in the process.